Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Bacon Wrap

Back in the earlier days of me writing this blog I used to talk about food way more than I do now. This blog (despite the title I gave it) was never really about food per say but I have forever had a love/ hate dysfunctional relationship with it. Many times I played sick head games and would see how long I could go without eating a thing. Those were the dark years, (lol) (OK maybe I shouldn't be lol'ing that). Then there were the happier days in my life where love was in it and I ate like everything under the sun. A few of the "X Men" have endearingly referred to me simply as "Greedy", "McGreedo" or just "Greedy Girl!" I also have these imaginary weight issues that moving to Hollywood has (go figure!) exasperated to the 10th degree. I got all kinds of issues with food. These days my food dilemmas are like a smorgasbord (ha, get it) of all those things mixed up and sometimes taking place within the same week. I know I need therapy for this situation and quite possibly for many things but today is a day where I don't necessarily feel so attractive and eating anything on my "List of Foods that I Absolutely LOVE" should NOT beallowed to happen. Why is that you ponder? Answer: Today I feel like I DO NOT deserve a delicious meal right now. I don't even think I deserve to day dream about "The List"
which so happens to include

Anything wrapped in BACON
Reeses Peanut Butter Cups or Peices
REAL NY Pizza ordered and eaten in NYC

Prosceuito and Melon
Salmon (prepared in any way)
Spinach & Artichoke dip (Fresh & Easy makes an awesome one)
Bagels and Lox, with capers and cucumbers on it (hold the onions)
IN & OUT Burger (double double protein burger hold the onions

Anything that is made with Artichoke 

Kale with garlic (that's a new one to the list)

STRAWBERRY SHORTCAKE!!! (how could I forget that one)
Mama Leona's Empanada's located in Sunnyside Queens (I'll take and have probably tried almost any and every kind on that vast menu)
Thai Tea 

A Buffalo Chicken Sandwich with fresh Roman lettuce and blue cheese crumbs (Smash Burger makes a pretty decent one, well they used too until they took the fried version off the menu)
FRESH French Fries from McDonald's (key is to order them without salt, this way you get made on the spot good ones,.... then when you go to pay for them, ask for packets of salt. You may have to mix it up with which Mickey D's you go to. You are sure to be frowned upon for repeating this offensive way of ordering if you try that one too many times in the same place)
Bone in Rib Eye Steak medium rare (more rare than medium)
Red Beans and Rice from Popeye's Chicken
Creme Brulee (delish!!! {she sings} .... LOVE the crunchy top)
Vanilla Wafers (could kill a whole box on a good day)
Frosted Mini Wheats (the strawberry kind)
Peach Ring gummy candies (these sugary treasures are commonly found at 7 Elevens, almost any brand will due)
Sticky Rice 

Lobster Mac n Cheese from the Four Seasons (fancy I know)
A good Chicken Parmigiana (the one thing I know how to make really well)
Marie Calenders Mac n Cheese w/ Bacon (bits are prob fake but I don't care)
Banana flavored anything, (most days I prefer the banana taste over eating a real banana)
Salmon Eggs Benedict from The Four Seasons (again, I know fancy)

Most of my fav's look like they would belong on "Doug's (from The King of Queens) list I know. LOL!

Those things are more or less what makes the cut on my "List of Foods I Absolutely LOVE". I am surely forgetting about one or two other unhealthy items but seriously I'm really just thinking about all the stuff that I am not allowing myself to have any time soon because like I said before (for reasons that I can't even explain) I don't feel so worthy or very much like letting my taste buds celebrate or indulge in anything off "The List".

Right now I wish for a reason to let any part of me celebrate ANYTHING!
Dear LIFE ..... can you bring out the buffet already! Please and Thank YOU!