Saturday, July 7, 2012

Can't seem to keep this meal down!

For real y'all! I think that I am on a show called "FAKE Me OUT!" instead of "Take Me OUT!". Word on the street now is that FOX has decided to let us get to second base. The Saturday move is canceled and TMO gets to live again on Thursday night! Jeeze Louise already! I am trying not too get too excited about this news even though I am looking forward to seeing myself in a pretty dope white dress that I know I will be wearing next THURSDAY, (I know that none of that is either here or there) right now, I just know that episode six is coming and I can't not promote it no matter what the final edit looks like. I guess the show got the increase in viewership and even though I know that I had very little to do with that, ....... what are ya gonna do?

to be cont..... gotta get to the places that I am supposed to be, will finish these thoughts for this entry shortly .... please standby

So this is my "to be continued' part of Sundays blog;

Some how time got away from me and I had to run to catch my flight. I am tripping with all of the back and forth going on with the show and the emotional roller coaster that I have been on is enough to make anybody crazy! So like I was saying it looks like 'fans' have managed to save the show from obscurity and episode 6 will air this week on Thurs with me still on it. My manager is happy while I am still dealing with all of my mixed emotions. My girl is operating at full throttle and has almost single handedly put together a viewing party, (slash) fundraiser (slash), meet her client "Suki Avery" along with other members from the FOX series "TMO" event at a Beverly Hills location two Thursdays from now all without missing a step. I don't know how she does what she does but she took what was just a few days ago a 'buzz kill" scenario for me and just like that created a "one last hoorah" for me and all of the other girls on the show. She basically put out an ALL POINTS BULLETIN insisting that the world come out and support a worthy cause all while celebrating the people who are part of the "Take Me Out" experience. She probably won't stop until she can get George Lopez himself to show up at this thing.

So just like that; ......... just when I thought that I was falling back out of the game........ I get sucked right back in!!! Settling back into some familiar ways too I might add! I'm worried about stuff now!

QUESTION! How am I gonna work out my schedule?

QUESTION! What to wear to this event?

QUESTION! Who is really coming out to watch the show that may or may not feature anything that I have to say?

QUESTION! What media is accepting this invitation?

QUESTION! Are any of the other show members in support of this last ditch effort? QUESTION! Will FOX even take notice and commend us for our promotional efforts? QUESTION! Will FOX even take notice and respond negatively towards us for our promotional efforts?

QUESTION! Will all the buzz measure up to all the hype? ..........

QUESTION! Will I ever stop worrying myself sick, ......AND more importantly than any of that stuff ........

QUESTION! HOW am I gonna make myself Hollywood skinny in just 10 days ????!!!

ANSWER: I need a drink!!!