Monday, July 9, 2012

Mixed Greens

Good day fellow humans and do gooders. As I write these words I am on my way back to LA. Over the last few days I've been up to a bunch of stuff. I left LA on Friday to make it to Jersey for a class on Saturday for my stewardess job ......... after that class I flew down to ATL on Saturday night and hung out like a washed up rock star until Sunday. I then got back to working my stewardess gig on Sunday eve up until where I am right now. My head is NOT spinning from the physical stress in regards to all of that, its spinning because of the self imposed mental stress. Just when I starting writing about how I was gonna stop complaining about stuff, well I am doing just that ...... even though I know that what I am going thru is between me, myself, and I; I still know that I am being all disgruntle on the inside, ........and that I am still not exactly laughing out loud on the outside these days. I swear I suck sometimes!

So in between showing up airline hostess ready for my days scenarios I find myself fielding so many questions from so many different people in regards to "The TMO Viewing Event and Fund Raiser" that I got coming up. A lot of the girls want to help promote it and I don't have many answers for any one because all I know is what is printed out on the invitation. I also am trying to correspond with my peeps about the upcoming ESPY award show happening this week. A thing that I TOTALLY forgot about! My flying schedule isn't exactly freed up as of yet even though I accepted the invite that my manager was able to muster up for me. I really need to figure how to make being there happen already. This is a ceremony that I don't want to miss out on because its a night of paying tributes to athletes who do amazing things, reach impossible goals and (from what I have seen when I watched the show on tv) know how to pay homage to one another all while having a great time. Not too mention I freakin love most sports. I have never been to this particular show and can imagine the attendees, athletes and folk in the sports world being so much different than the movers, shakers and the usual suspects lurking around in Hollywood. I don't want to have to back out of my commitment to go. Ughhh!! In my experience when you live at the level where I live ya only get so many favors in Hollywood and I don't want to use any more up or flake out on my hook ups. I have one full day to work out these minor/major details!

Ha!! I forgot to mention that a few days ago my twitter account was hacked into and some jack ass sent all of my followers a fake message from me saying that "someone was starting bad rumors about them, etc etc". I only mention this incident because when I first received the message myself I didn't realize how common fake messages on twitter are and I started racking my brain about skeletons in my closet and what type of dirt any one in the world could have on me. I seriously was imagining up all kinds of scenarios knowing my ass is far from squeaky clean. Then I started thinking all politician like and coming up with defensive answers in my head to any random accusations .............. and then I had to have a hearty laugh on the inside about how stupid I even sounded to myself!! Lol! I keep saying, why would any one care about any of the stuff that I do, or have done in my past; why would anything that goes on with me matter to ANYONE! I tell ya, ........... a few stints on television and my head just keeps getting bigger and bigger, lol. The nerve of me! I suppose that I let my imagination just run away from me, ..... but as of late my mind's been full on sprinting out of control all by itself!! Its been a few days now since "twitter-gate" and I am still writing apologies to folks that are following me. Before alerting some of these people about the hacker situation many did respond to the fake e mail "supposively' sent from me on the defensive side themselves, ........ this makes me laugh, just knowing that I ain't the only "more than slightly" paranoid/insecure person running around on the world wide web is oddly enough a comforting feeling.

I think I could start a cult, get me some "followers" for real!