Friday, July 6, 2012

No more WINE Please & Thank YOU

Ok friends and other fellow humans! Its time for Suki to get her groove back already. I don't necessarily feel like writing about getting out of my funk, I really just want to be DOING what I have to do to get out of my funk. For starters I am traveling east today and look forward to seeing some people and greeting some people. I am working and playing at the same time over the next few days and should just be feeling good about that.

Its like a 100 sticky degrees in the Northeast and I suspect that it will be even hotter in ATL. Its all good though; ..... I need a different set of sights to see and because I got the free flight benefits to do so that is exactly what will be going down. I am hoping that this adjustment in my life will be the thing that I need to let LOVE in too! That's right you heard me, ....... I used the freakin "L" word! I am not saying that "love" is not all around me, (I am actually pretty lucky in that respect). I am saying that having it around you and letting it inside you is 2 completely different things. I appreciate the love that is put out there to me from family, friends and even some strangers, but I do think that it is about time that I work on giving some of it back to the universe already. I do more complaining about stuff than I need to be doing and I am vowing to try harder to quit it already! I got my health, my survival job AND all the other perks that go along with getting to be ME.

Enough said FRED! Don't ask who Fred is, there is no Fred.
Happy Friday!!!!!