Thursday, May 23, 2013

Can ya do me a flavor?

Good day! It is a good enough day I suppose. I am chillin' like a villain in my nest of sorts. I've spent the last two days downloading ASAP Rocky music and watching back to back episodes of Criminal Minds. I am getting a little bit annoyed at Shemar Moore's fine ass calling the one broad "baby girl" every 5 minutes. In regards to my new illegally down loaded play lists; rap music today is definitely a bit more sexually explicit then I can remember............ took me a few minutes to draw the conclusion that I like it. Something to be said for the vulgarity. I don't offend very easily but do appreciate our freedoms to say what the hell we want to say. With that being said today I feel like saying this;  I am a few months away from being the woman that I know that I can be. I am not exactly whole and can only speak in riddles because I am going to pieces, ........... I do mean that literally. I'm under construction in every way right now and am forced to just do what I have to do. 

I have to put out into the universe that I am wishing, hoping, praying for time to speed up so that I can be at the place where I am tasting life again! Today I am not indulging or exploring much of anything. Today I am just mustering up enough spirit and energy to go thru the motions. My daily routine is anything but routine and today I am just yearning for tomorrow! Tomorrow means another 24 hours of what I have been going thru is behind me. I am on my way to the brightest future that there is, ........ this I know. 

I know what's waiting for me. As for now I will just have to assume the position that I am forced to be in and tune back into Netflix and pick up where I left off on the series "Breaking Bad".