Tuesday, May 14, 2013


Sounds strange but true. It's "Meat Week" on the Destination America Channel and suddenly I find myself almost as excited to hear of this as I get about "Shark Week" on the Discovery Channel. I think it actually starts next week, but I got me a barbeque grill out on my balcony that is begging to be used. At another date and time I will disclose why I have so much time to watch every cook off, food eating contest, or restaurant make over show that there ever was. 

As of late I have time to kill, to waste, to burn, to breathe, to reflect, to hope. I have not been doing many (if any) of these things even though I have had the past four months (give or take) of time to do just about anything within reason. I do however find the time to procrastinate. I ain't bragging but I know how to stare into space like nobody's business. I won't say that I don't have a good reason for being such a lame ass ......... but for the first time I can say that I may actually have a great reason for all this lame assness. I just wish I had more courage right about now to say what that reason is. For now I will just pat myself lightly on the back for being able to sit up and type in this entry today. I like writing (as you can tell), even if it's about nothing. I don't know if any one is really interested in reading all about my nothing but I type on in any case. 

I really should go back to the profile part of this blog and rewrite why I became "that dog with a blog". In the beginning I had heartache to deal with and lots of unaddressed issues to face. Writing about how I felt and what I did and didn't eat, or where I did or didn't work, or who I did or did not speak too helped me get by. Months turned into years of writing and over time the heart pain subsided, bitterness set in and then faded out; show biz stuff showed up and then also faded out.  

Today I am writing for a butt load of other and different reasons. When I first started blogging I had a grand plan to blog for 365 days in a row. That didn't happen so I changed the goal to 365 days period. That didn't happen either. Now I am just gonna commit to ............................... writing until its time to stop.

After these messages, I'll be write back. Ya see what I did there, (write instead of right). LOL