Friday, November 22, 2013

A Thanksgiving Feast your eyes on ME!

So how ya like me now?!! Yes its been about 3 months since I have blogged about anything! Sorry, been a lil side tracked. I've been spending time not just glamming it up (as you can see in the pics above); but my ass has been trying to put an end to this recovery stuff and a start to more living outside of these four walls.

Back in September and into the first week of November I spent getting radiation therapy EVERYDAY. I stepped out with friends (when I could) and auditioned for various projects (when I could). During this time it wasn't easy getting it together but as you know I know things could have been worse. For the first time in a long time I really feel pretty good and have been sharing my "survivor status" with just about any one who will listen even though I do still have a reconstruction surgery to get thru sometime in 2014. 

So with October past me I've gotten thru my first "breast cancer month" (now that I am officially breast cancer lady); it wasn't how I thought it would be. I wasn't certain that I would be into wearing all the pink stuff and talking more about it. I experienced a different kind of attention. I still can't sign on for wearing pink ribbons all of the time but I am getting comfortable with the idea of spreading the word about early detection etc etc etc. I didn't catch my cancer as early as I could have and NEVER want any one to experience many of the things that I have to deal with. My fight is not necessarily a life long one but I do have to get an IV infusion every three weeks for at least another year AND am on hormone therapy for another five. Again, the situation could be worse. I can worry a little less, take deeper breathes, appreciate life more and be THANKFUL for …………………. everything, really.

The pics in today's entry are from one very awesome memory! On Nov 11th I attended the 23rd NAACP Theatre Awards where I gave a speech in front over 1500 people at a theatre in Beverly Hills. I paid tribute to the late Willis Edwards, a fallen hero who passed away due to complications from colon cancer. I spoke of how courageous he was in his fight and made mention of my own battle. The applause and reviews that followed from this small shining moment were so special because I got to share it with my sister-in-law (that's her in pic above) and my close friends. My manager made this opportunity possible and even though I know she was probably looking for any reason to get me out and into an evening gown, I am sure that she wanted to let others see me celebrate my ongoing journey. She is truly one of the best people I know. 

I have met some really great people over the past few months and feel more inspired than ever. These days I got some stuff going on; I am filming a docu - series, auditioning more regularly, running my ass up to Runyon Canyon almost every day and looking forward to my one year anniversary since my diagnosis. That day is January 16th (my birthday). I still go thru all kinds of ups and down but today's entry is not about my lows. I always write how I honestly feel and today I am just feeling like …… "THANKSGIVING"; (which just so happens to be next week). I ain't even sure how or where I will be spending that day!
It's all good tho, surely I will get a "foodie call" from somewhere …………………