Monday, June 30, 2014

What's Cookin' Good Lookin', #ME!

BAM! This is how I've been looking over the last 18 months or so. I've been to a crazy scary place and back with a revisit and a return to "a no man's land" and am continuing to share some of my life story with you.

The short and not so sweet recap starting back in Dec 2012 - the first visit to the doc, followed by the first mammogram & ultra sound, followed by the biopsy, followed by the God awful results and diagnosis of my advanced stage breast cancer on Jan 16th 2013 (Happy Birthday to me), ....... followed by many tears and crying fits came 6 rounds of chemotherapy (every 21 days over 4 months or so) .... lots of tests in between, and a nipple delay surgery last July, followed by a bilateral mastectomy (also in July of 2013) along with lymph node removal surgery, followed by 9 weeks of radiation! I know, sheesh already!

So since my last entry about 8 months ago I have had my reconstruction surgery just this past March and am happy with the results. I feel pretty whole again even though breast cancer has taken away a piece of my life that I can't get back.

To date I have managed to lose track of exactly how many infusions I have had, (definitely more than 20 trips to the Beverly Hills Cancer Center by now) ....... I currently go in for what are deemed to be "life saving" drugs every 21 days for an indefinite amount of time longer. The word "indefinite" depresses me ........ but I'm alive so "it is what it is".

I take a lot of pics, "selfies" and such ..... at least in these past few years. I do so for lots of reasons. Yes for the most part I am showing off! Showing the many phases and transformations of myself as well as attempting to show my emotions thru photos to any one who cares to see, or for any one who cares (even just a little bit) about me. I also feel like I want to be able to visually leave a positive memory of myself should there come a time where "a memory" is all that I am. Not to be morbid or a "Debbie downer" but this cancer I have can only be controlled and not cured. With that being said I have taken life by the throat and with my loved ones I am really LIVING it out to the best of my ability. I am proud to be able to say that. I am proud about the manner in which I fought this fight, (as unfair as it may be).

Interesting times these are! Time to be grateful, prayerful, humble, hopeful, careful, ....... and more importantly THANKFUL! For everything and everyone in my life!






Aunt Betty





Pop Pop

Frankie B.

Zyma Lorraine






Tina B.


Uncle James



Grandma Marcia






Jane U.


Ricky H.







& of course, GOD

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and for all other family, & friends who I may have failed to mention. THANK YOU so much for one way or another being there & here for me.

This much I am sure of; .......

I am truly loved!

Lucky in this life I am, .....

Take small bites of this "food for thought" today. Thanks for reading!